Rom files Swapping

If you have a ROM for any of the models on the list below, then I am happy to swap for with any file(s) of your choice from my list/collection. Number of payment credits/files in brackets (1 to 5 credits).  The list of files is subject to expansion/updating. You can please contact from here for a swap offer.

Preferred ROM Formats

  • MTK ROMs should please be in scatter .txt or .bin format
  • Spreadtrum in a *.pac, CM2 sc.pac,  CM2 new, *.bin, or any other box format
  • Qualcomm ROMs should please be in ADB format or QFIL/DL)
  • AllWinner ROMs should please be in a .img format
  • Intel ROMs should please be in a Flash.xml format

ROMs or flash Files I Currently Need

  1. Samsung A40S Clone (3 Credit )
  2. Safaricom Neon Ray Pro  (5 Credit )
  3. Freetel FTE 1 MT6739 Signed Firmware ( 5 Credit )
  4. Azumi A4 GO  (5 Credit )
  5. Samsung Note 10s Clone (5 Credit )