Hisense E30 (HLTE220E-AH) MT6763 Firmware & Privacy Protection Solution


Note : This solution is for (HLTE220E-AH) only…

This firmware Can be use for normal flash as well.This solution is required Latest Version Of Cm2 Mt2 V2.11 or latter releases so make sure you have cm2 dongoe with latest setup running…

This file can be flash the phone and can also use as remove PRIVACY PROTECTION as well….Kindly contact to me at whatsapp (+255768183525) for HOW TO REMOVE PRIVACY PROTECTION….

Patch Level    : PPR1.180610.011

Display ID     : Hisense_HLTE220E_00_S03_20190925

Ver. CodeName  : REL

Ver. Release   : 9

Sec. Patch     : 2019-08-05

Build Time     : 1569390804

Product Model  : Hisense Infinity E30

Product Brand  : Hisense

Product Name   : HLTE220E

Product Info   : HLTE220E

Product Device : HS6763MT

Product Board  : Hisense

Product Manfct : Hisense

Product Board  : Hisense

Board Platform : mt6763